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Jeanine Elise Mack grew up in the greater Daytona Beach area as the youngest of six siblings. She is a 1992 graduate of Mainland High School and is the mother of three wonderful sons, Christian, Xavier and Kingsley.
          A few of Jeanine's academic accomplishments include the completion of her Associate of Arts degree at Daytona State College and later graduating from Warner University with a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management. While tackling the tall task of single-motherhood and working full time, Jeanine attended the prestigious Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where she majored in Leadership and earned her Masters of Science in Leadership degree. Accomplishing this seemingly daunting feat gave Jeanine the ability to realize her own strength and capabilities for achieving her dreams.
          The coupling of Jeanine's strong academic background and professional work experiences, allowed Jeanine to hone in on her leadership skills, listening skills and her ability to be empathetic to the needs of those around her. With these skills inside her professional toolbox and the caring heart of a mother, Jeanine felt the calling to use them to help hurting people overcome their pasts and empower them to catapult themselves into a bright, happy and whole future.  Mack Media Moguls, LLC was born in 2017 to assist Jeanine in fulfilling her purpose.  Although the fulfillment of her calling has not been easy or instantaneous, Jeanine is committed, ready and able to heal heavy hearts one person at a time through her motivational speaking events, original books, inspirational videos and soon her weekly podcast.
         She is also on a mission to increase childhood literacy specifically in children from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds; while instilling the beauty of self-love, confidence and high moral standards, by becoming an author and publishing her children's book series.  Jeanine published her first children’s book series entitled Life Lessons, in 2019.  This series includes 5 short stories for children ages 3 years old – 10 years old. Her creative stories are formatted for early readers but will be enjoyed by all who read them!

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